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The Development Technologies & Systems Corporation (DTSC), an ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assured Organization is a professionally managed, multifaceted, knowledge based Business Organization/Firm providing Services in the Development Sector.

The DTSC provides specialized services in the nature of visualizing the future needs of the development sector, in particular, accessing technologies globally and facilitating development, adaptation and application of advanced technologies according to local needs.

The core services offered by the DTSC are in the field of Project Management, Policy Advice, Strategy Development, Monitoring & Evaluation, Systems Development, Communications, Documentation, Human Resource Management, Computer Applications, Software Development, Web Technologies & Net Access and related and other fields. The DTSC brings together and represents rich experience in the development sector.

It represents experience of implementation of projects & programmes with the Government, International NGOs, Multi-disciplinary Consortiums, State level NGOs, Commercial, Voluntary, Professional & Business Organizations. The DTSC brings together sectoral proficiency in the areas of Education, Health, Family Planning, Water & Sanitation, Income Generation, Infrastructure Planning, Integrated Area Development, IEC, etc.