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What is E-Mall?

An E-mall is an online Shopping Store that contains collection of E-Shops and other services. The stores are connected by Several Brnads so that consumers can easily visit between the different brand stores.

Services of E-Mall

When you visit our E-mall you will get all the things which are needed is daily life.

  • You will get several brand stores for different products such as Electronics, Clothing, Home & Kitchen, IT Solutions, Terracotta and so on.
  • You will get coupens & offers on products to save money.
  • Except Shopping, you will get other services such as finding professional's infomation such as doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, CA, and so on at your convinient place.
  • You can also find the infomation about the hotels, malls, hospitals, colleges, schools, PG's, Restourents, Shops and so on at nearest place.

Why We need an E-Mall?

E-Mall aims to provide its customers with products of high quality and reliability, based on the principle of communication which we approach, we offer you via this site, our services, such as:
» E-Mall offers you all your needs and provides them to you from clothes' agencies, electrical appliances and others.
» E-Mall offers you an integrated online marketplace, and it ensures a complete delivery of the product to the customer, the way the electronic commerce system works is based on the needs in terms of adding and modifying items, types and prices.